Launched in 2010, Aquilo today is at the forefront of introducing the Bath Suite concept and is a brand ambassador for designer bath products (Sanitaryware, Designer Faucets, Steam Room, Bathtubs and Shower Systems). Moreover, the company’s commitment to be a responsible ambassador of sanitaryware in India motivates it to produce only environmental-friendly products like water-saving sanitaryware and faucets.

Aquilo is pioneer when it comes to sanitaryware in India. With an impressive and luxurious world of immaculately stylish and elegant sanitaryware products to offer, Aquilo is the ideal solution to your designer bath needs.

AQUILO is designer complete bathroom solutions with wide variety of designs. Aquilo comes with customization of products according to client requirement and budget. Value for money products. 




Quality planning consists of developing the products and processes required to meet customer’s needs


Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.


when it comes to creating a great customer sevice experience, everyone within the company is commited to doing what it takes to succeed.

Customer reviews

We strongly believe in listening our customers feedback closely.  That’s why we are continuously communicate with our customers during the process of selection, design and special featue request inquiries. Sometimes the professionals tend to live “in their own world” and become purists and elitist in design approach, forgetting real life needs of realy people using the products.

We’re avoiding this by keeping contacts with our customers permanent and productive.

Shilp Agrawal

For our new Home, after a tedious exercise of scanning the offerings of different companies, we went for aquilo bathroom fittings. Aquilo fittings are at par with the International Standards. We are very satisfied with the product quality and the variety of designs they offer.

mehul parekh

very impressive and elegant designer faucets.

Sharad panjwani

Live display of products help us to select the products at instance.

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