Golden Series

AQ-1102 GD
Designer Faucets
Color: Gold

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AQ-5107 GD
Toilet Tissue Paper Holder
Material: Brass

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AQ-3102 GD
Shower Systems
Size: Size: Standard
Material: Brass

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AQ-5111 GD
Golden Bathroom Accessory
Material: Brass

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AQ-5101 GD
Towel Rings
Material: Brass

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AQ- 4004G
Golden Wash Basin
Size: Size: 385 X 385 X 140 MM
Material: Ceramic

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AQ-5102 GD
Soap Dish and Dispensers
Material: Brass

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AQ-1104 GD
Designer Faucets
Color: Gold

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Color Your Bathroom with Best Bathroom Faucet Finishes

Whether you are planning for a re-model or a complete new bathroom choosing the faucets has to be done with utmost care and research. Your faucet decides how your bathroom should look, either attractive or sober. Choosing a faucet finish often leaves people on the edge. We would say a faucet is basically a design element. So, choosing from a wide range of faucets is really challenging and could really blow out your brains off!

Here are a few notes on some of the most common bathroom faucet finishes:-

#1. Chrome

chrome faucet
Chrome finishes are common and would probably be the first choice that comes to everyone’s mind. Chrome has always been a solid choice with options in everything from traditional to modern. Let’s look at its few pro’s and con’s.

They don’t corrode or get scratches. They are also well known for their tarnish resistant nature. They often add a sparkle to your bathroom and mixes well with other metals.

Some of the con’s to point out are- there will be spots of water always on the faucet, which will gradually turn to ugly white spots. Chrome finishes requires regular cleaning and overtime these chrome plates might wear off.

#2. Matte Black

Matte-Black Faucet
Did you know that Batman has matte finished faucets in his bathroom and it look cool!! These are the perfect blended colors any faucet can ever get. They look classy once placed with the right accessories.

Doesn’t catch a lot of dirt and are easy to cleanup. They just blend with any style of bathroom just as we mentioned earlier. Gives that premium look to your bathroom.

As they look premium they keep the standards at the same level when it comes to price. If you are looking for matte black finished faucets you should keep trying harder. These pieces aren’t easy to find and even if found, there aren’t much designs available.

#3. Polished Brass

Polished-Brass Faucets
This is the best choice if you are planning to give your bathroom a vintage touch. This is an all- time favorite choice here. This gives the touch of gold series been added in the bathroom

They are easy to clean and dirt won’t be that noticeable. The polished brass faucet is considered as one of the durable finishes. They are also easy to match with accessories and other fixtures.

If you are looking more in the budget range you can find much cheaper finishes like chrome or brushed nickel.

#4. Brushed Nickel

Brushed-Nickel Faucets
The most reliable one in the whole list. They have been in the market for a long time and are still the first choice among budget friendly faucets.

They don’t show wears or scratches on them even if roughly used. Fingerprints are just dreams away and same goes with those ugly water spots.

Blending them with a stainless steel fixture would be difficult and misplaced.

#5. Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Oil-Rubbed-Bronze Faucets
Oil-rubbed bronze is a great alternative to standard chrome and brushed nickel. They give the bathroom a traditional look and feel.

They are a decent piece of durable finish which doesn’t show any fingerprints and water spots on them. They might be the only faucet finish in the whole lists which are compatible with anything you throw at it.

They are more expensive than chrome and, brushed nickel.

#6. Copper

Copper Faucets
If you are matching copper with marble there won’t be anything else in the world which provides such a rich look and feel. Copper has always been known for its unmistakable and bold nature.

Copper is self-healing. If the material has been scratched, gradually it will become darker and blend with the patina. They are anti-bacterial by nature too.

Copper requires a lot of maintenance and these are too costly. They also don’t blend well with other materials and fixtures.

#7. White

white faucets
The white basically resembles clean and pure. Choose a white faucet with contrasting color combos to bright up the mood.

Too easy to clean and fingerprints and water spots won’t even bother to give a shot.

The materials used to make white faucets are too fragile and expensive. This makes them more prone to chipping and accidents.


We can’t suggest which one is better over the other because each of them has their own properties and beauty. Once blended with the right pieces and accessories there won’t be another room which is more beautiful than your bathroom. Finding some among these colors are pretty difficult. So, finding a place where you can get all the stuffs together is mandatory. Trying online for these colors is also a better option. Aquilo is one such site where you can find a massive collection of all above mentioned just at your fingertips.